Humphrey Stafford d. ~ 1439

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Цело име (рођено) Humphrey Stafford

William Stafford [Stafford] d. 18 јун 1450

Katherine Chidiok [Chidiok]

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~ 1439 Смрт:

21 јун 1450 Свадба: Isabel Barre [Barre]

27 август 1469 Смрт:


Humphrey Stafford, 1st Earl of Devon (ca. 1439[a] – 27 August 1469) was a dominant magnate in south-western England in the mid-15th century, and a participant in the Wars of the Roses. A distant relative of the earls of Stafford, Humphrey Stafford became the greatest landowner in the county of Dorset through fortunes of inheritance. Later, Stafford was one of several men promoted rapidly through the nobility by King Edward IV, to fill the power vacuum left by dead or forfeit Lancastrians. In the West Country it was particularly the forfeitures of the Lancastrian Courtenay family that benefited Stafford. In 1469 he received the Courtenay title of earl of Devon.

Stafford held the comital title for only three months. In July he was sent north to quell a rebellion instigated by the discontented Earl of Warwick. Even though he escaped the disastrous Battle of Edgecote, he was executed by a mob at Bridgwater on 27 August 1469. Considered an overambitious man by many, Stafford was nevertheless a capable administrator, who enjoyed the absolute confidence of the king.

The Staffords of Hooke in Dorset and Southwick in Wiltshire were a cadet branch of the earls of Stafford and later dukes of Buckingham. Humphrey's grandfather was another Humphrey Stafford, called Sir Humphrey "of the silver hand" (d. 1442).[b] His heir was a grandson – yet another Humphrey Stafford – who died childless in 1461. This left Humphrey Stafford, the future Earl of Devon, heir to the family lands, the greatest part of which was in Dorset and the rest mostly in Somerset and Wiltshire. Humphrey's father, William, was already dead by this time, having fallen victim to Cade's rebellion on 18 June 1450. William's uncle, and Humphrey's great uncle, was John Stafford, Archbishop of Canterbury (1443–1452).

The inheritance of these family lands made Stafford the greatest landowner in the county of Dorset. Through his mother Katherine, he was also heir to the possessions of her father John Chidiock, another major south-western landowner.] At some point – definitely after 21 June 1450 – he married Isabel, daughter of Sir John Barre of Herefordshire.

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John Stafford
Смрт: 25 мај 1452
Alice Stafford (Cheyne)
Рођење: 1391, Hook, Dorset, England
Смрт: 24 април 1448, Southwick, Westbury, Wiltshire, England
Humphrey Stafford
Рођење: 1379, Hooke, Dorset, England
Смрт: 27 март 1442, Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
William Stafford
Смрт: 18 јун 1450
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Humphrey Stafford
Смрт: ~ 1439
Свадба: Isabel Barre
Смрт: 27 август 1469
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