Zvinitsa b. 814 d. 831

Из пројекта Родовид

Рођени род Krum's Dynasty
Пол мушки
Цело име (рођено) Zvinitsa

Omurtag of Bulgaria Kubratos [Krum's Dynasty] d. 831

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814 Рођење:

Рођење једног детета: Pressian Kubratos [Krum]

Рођење једног детета: ? (Sister of Pressian Khan) [?]

831 Смрт: Gardariki, Rusland


Шаблон:TranslationNeeded This person Halvdan Whiteshirt (Kvitsark) is often confused with Halfdan White-leg (Whitleg) who was a king of Dubin. This mistake is based on similar sounding names. Although contemporaries of each other they were not the same person.

This Kvitsark was likely the son of Randalin Kraka and her first husband Omordac Kubratos (of Bulgaria). He earned the nickname Halvdan by his association with the sons of Randalin's second husband Ragnar Lodbrok (the elder) a viking chieftain in the North Dacian kingdom of Denmark.

Ragnar Lodbrok the elder, the husband of Randalin, also had a namesake nephew whose family (the sons of Lagertha) earned great fame in the viking raids in western Europe.

It is to be noted that although Randalin Kraka is named in the sagas as Aslaug the daughter of Sigurd Volsung Fafnersbane, this identification is incorrect. While it is possible that she was a descendant of Sigurd Volsung, it would have been very distant since the span that separates the two generations is approximately 300 years.

lost Bashtu (Kiev) and Urus (Novgorod) to the Khazari forces under Khagan Iskhak however the two retain diplomatic connections with Iskhak's appointment of Zvinitsa's sons Djir and Askhold as regional governors. According to Arab sources Djilki Avinitsa was the brother (half-brother) of Lachyn the father or grandfather of Rurik of Novgorod.


  1. Jafar Tarikh - The 17th century Volga Bulgar compilation Ja'far Tarikh represents Balamir (i.e., Malamir) as the son of Yomyrčak (i.e., Omurtag), and as the brother of Sabanša (i.e., Zvinica), who was the father of Birdžihan (i.e., Presian I).
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hvitserk - It has been suggested that Hvitserk was the same individual as Zvinitsa and was an adopted half or foster brother from his mother's first marriage.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Askold_and_Dir - The Varangian Clans of Ashina and Dulo

Од прародитеља до унучад

Титуле : хан Болгарский(803-814)
Други догађај: 813, Siege of Constantinople
Смрт: 814
Omurtag of Bulgaria Kubratos
Титуле : изм 814 и 831, Khan of Bulgaria
Смрт: 831
== 3 ==
Malamir Kubratos
Рођење: > 815
Титуле : изм 831 и 836, Khan of Bulgaria
Смрт: 836
Рођење: 814
Смрт: 831, Gardariki, Rusland
== 3 ==
Pressian Kubratos
Титуле : од 836, Governor of Rus Bashtu
(Khan) Presijan (Birdžihan) ? (Pressian I)
Титуле : изм 836 и 852, Bulgar Khan
Boris I Michael Simeon Kubratos
Смрт: 2 мај 907
(Khan) Gabdulla Djilki (Shilki)
Титуле : изм 855 и 882

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