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Цело име (рођено) Lamissia

Tiridates IV Arshakuni [Arsacid] b. 260проц d. 330

Lamissia Langoman [Gungingus] b. 280


Taken captive by the Vologases (Volgars/Bulgars) While hunting, brothers the brothers Hunor and Magor were led to the banks of the Maeotian marshes (the Sea of Azov). Six years later, still in the region, the two brothers met the wives of the sons of Bular and two daughters of Prince Dula (Tirdates) of the Alans; Hunor and Magor commenced to pursue the girls and carried them off to be their brides. Thus, as the legend records, Hunor and one of the daughters of Prince Dula became the ancestors of the Huns, while Magor and her sister became the ancestors of the Magyars.

Од прародитеља до унучад

Khosro II Arshakuni
Рођење: 236проц
Титуле : изм 245 и 287, King of West Armenia
Смрт: ~ 287
Liamachus Langoman
Рођење: ~ 250
Gonobaud de Toxandrie
Рођење: ~ 245
Професија : Chef Franc
Смрт: ~ 289
Godinga Scridefini
Рођење: ~ 242
Tiridates IV Arshakuni
Рођење: 260проц
Титуле : King Dula (Folklore)
Титуле : изм 287 и 330, King of Armenia
Смрт: 330
Сахрана: Tordan (Doğanköy)
Lamissia Langoman
Рођење: 280
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Khosro III Arshakuni (of Armenia)
Рођење: 290проц
Смрт: 339
Hildeocmor Lombard
Рођење: 305
Рођење: 310проц
Смрт: ~ 330
== 3 ==

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