William Hussey b. 1436 d. 8 септембар 1495

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Рођени род Hussey
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Цело име (рођено) William Hussey


1436 Рођење: England, Steford, Lincolnshire

1464 Свадба: Lincolnshire (England), Elizabeth Berkeley [Berkeley] b. 1438 d. 6 август 1503

1465 Рођење једног детета: Gloucestershire, John Hussey [Hussey] b. 1465

8 септембар 1495 Смрт: Lincolnshire (England)


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Sir William Hussey, knight, an eminent lawyer in the time of Edward IV., after filling the office of attorney-general, and having been called by writ to the degree of serjeant at law, was constituted lord chief justice of the court of the King's Bench, in the 17th year of that monarch's reign, when he received an allowance of 140 marks, for greater state. He was living temp. Henry VII., as is evident by this inscription over his arms, in the semicircular or bow window, of Grey's Inn Hall, viz., "W. House mile capitalls justiclarius de banco regis, temp. R. Henry VII.

He served as commissioner for sewers for Kesteven in 1467, was elected as member of Parliament for the town of Grantham in the same year and on June 16, 1471, was appointed Attorney-General. It was in this capacity that he conducted the impeachment of the Duke of Clarence for treason. In 1477 he reached the position of Sergeant-at-Law and four years later crowned his career by gaining the appointment of Chief Justice of the King's Bench, in succession to Sir Thomas Billing, at a salary of 140 marks a year. This appointment was renewed at the accession of each of the next three kings and under Henry VII he was also a commissioner who decided the claims to fill various offices a the Coronation. During the first year of Henry VII's reign he successfully protested against the king's practice of consulting judges beforehand upon upon crown cases which they are afterwards to try. In 1489 he was commissioner of Array Lines and in June 1492 a commissioner to treat with the Ambassadors of the King of France. He died on September 8, 1495, being buried at Sempringham. His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Berkely of Wymondham, Leicester shire, whose will, dated Augest1503, gave instructions for her to be buried at Sempringham. They left five children, the most famous of whom was Sir (later, Lord) John Hussey.


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== 1 ==
Elizabeth Berkeley
Рођење: 1438, Wymondham (Leicestershire), England
Рођење: 1464, Lincolnshire (England)
Свадба: William Hussey , Lincolnshire (England)
Смрт: 6 август 1503
William Hussey
Рођење: 1436, England, Steford, Lincolnshire
Свадба: Elizabeth Berkeley , Lincolnshire (England)
Смрт: 8 септембар 1495, Lincolnshire (England)
== 1 ==
Margaret Blount
Рођење: 3 октобар 1474, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire, England
Рођење: 1495, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire
Рођење: 1532
John Hussey
Рођење: 1465, Gloucestershire
Рођење: 1495, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire, Margaret Blount
Рођење: 28 јун 1538, Lincolnshire (England)
Свадба: Anne Grey
Anthony Hussey
Рођење: 1497, London, England
Смрт: јун 1560, London, England
Роберт Трокмортон
Рођење: 1513, Coughton, Варвікське графство, Англійське Князівство, Сполучене Князівство
Титуле : Англійське Князівство, Сполучене Князівство, сер
Свадба: Muriel Berkeley
Свадба: Elizabeth Hussey
Смрт: 12 фебруар 1581, Coughton, Варвікшир, Англійське Князівство, Сполучене Князівство

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