Daniel Singleton b. ~ 1719 d. 10 новембар 1792

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Рођени род Singleton
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Цело име (рођено) Daniel Singleton

Robert Singleton [Singleton] b. 1688 d. 1744



~ 1719 Рођење: England

1744 Свадба: Orange County (Virginia), Susannah Mason [Mason] b. 1722 d. 1792

16 јануар 1744 Рођење једног детета: Orange County (Virginia), St. Thomas Parish, Manoah Singleton [Singleton] b. 16 јануар 1744

10 новембар 1792 Смрт: Orange County (Virginia)


Шаблон:NeedsourcesEvent: Fact ABT 1740 Came from England and settled in Orange County, Virginia

Event: Fact Large estate holder in Orange County, Virginia

See DAR Application of Minnie Richards Wolfinger of Hagerstown, Maryland for details of Daniels family. Some say Daniel was born in Kent County, England, but it appears he came to America about 1725. Daniel was very active in property transfers in Orange County, Virginia, and his first listed transaction was a tithable in 1737 and several up to his death in 1792. Daniels home was listed as Orange County, Virginia, during the Revolutionary War. Daniel was a Corporal in Captain Thomas Porter's Virginia Troop in the Revolutionary War. He also was listed as a Sergeant in Captain Tom Hogan's Company defending Bryan Station, Lexington Kentucky in 1780. Daniel also provided provisions for the 1st Regiment (Captain Thomas Bowyer's Company) in June 1781. Daniel was a Baptist according to the Virginia Gazette. His will was probated in October, 1794. He willed land to son Manoah, son Edmond, and daughter Lois Looker (Lucas), that they had already retained, then funds and other items to daughters Sarah, Susannah (Lancaster), Elizabeth, Martha (Proctor), and Mary (Perry). He appointed his friend Richard C. Webb and his two son-in-laws (Uriah Proctor, and Richard Lancaster) as executors.


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Од прародитеља до унучад

Robert Singleton , Sr.
Рођење: 1652, Gloucester County (Virginia)
Смрт: 1725, Gloucester County (Virginia)
Sarah Crow
Рођење: ~ 1665, Gloucester County (Virginia)
Robert Singleton
Рођење: 1688
Смрт: 1744
== 3 ==
Susannah Mason
Рођење: 1722, England, Various sources show Susannah as being born as early as 1716
Свадба: Daniel Singleton , Orange County (Virginia)
Смрт: 1792, Orange County (Virginia), Various sources show Susannah passing on as late as January 6, 1804, in Scott County, Pennsylvania, but her will was dated November 10, 1792
Daniel Singleton
Рођење: ~ 1719, England
Свадба: Susannah Mason , Orange County (Virginia)
Смрт: 10 новембар 1792, Orange County (Virginia)
== 3 ==
Sarah "Sallie" Craig
Рођење: 1748, Spotsylvania County (Virginia)
Број брака: 10 јануар 1765
Свадба: Manoah Singleton
Смрт: 1830, Jessamine County (Kentucky)
Manoah Singleton
Рођење: 16 јануар 1744, Orange County (Virginia), St. Thomas Parish
Свадба: Sarah "Sallie" Craig
Sarah Singleton
Рођење: 15 октобар 1771, Virginia
Смрт: 3 јул 1845, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana

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