William Beauchamp b. ~ 1760 d. <12 март 1836

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Рођени род Beauchamp
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Цело име (рођено) William Beauchamp

Fountain (Fontaine) Beauchamp [Beauchamp] b. 1727 d. <6 август 1782


~ 1760 Рођење: Somerset County (Maryland), Thirteen Colonies

~ 1782 Рођење једног детета: Maryland, USA, John W. Beauchamp [Beauchamp] b. ~ 1782 d. > 1850

<12 март 1836 Смрт: Meriwether County (Georgia), USA



Meriwether County
	In the name of God Amen
	I, William Beachamp of the county and state aforesaid being of
sound mind and disposing memory and knowing life is uncertain, do make
this my last will and Testament, in doing which first of all I
recommend my soul to God who gave it hoping at his hands to receive
eternal life through the merits of his Son Jesus Christ my Redemer.
	In disposing of my estate, I give and bequeath to my Wife Sarah
Beachamp the lot of land I now live on, also a negro Man by the name of
Moses, a negro Woman by the name of Judy, and a negro Woman by the name
of Mary, also my household and Kichen furniture, my plantation tools,
also my Horse Mace + mule Colt, also my Stock of Cattle + horses with
any other property I may have not here named, during her natural life
or widowhood, And if she marries then my Will is that all my estate be
equally divided amongst my young set of children which was born by
my wife Sarah, to wit William, Malissa, Daniel, David + Elijah allowing
my Wife an equal share with my children as named or such of then
that may be living + if my Wife die then my Will is my property be
divided amongst my young set of children as named above equally share
and share alike + if any of my children should die before arriving at
age then, my Will is that his or their portion of property be divided
amongst those living of my young set of chidren as named in this
my Will.  And I do alstly constitute and appoint my Wife Sarah Beachamp
my Executrix to execute this my last Will and Testament.  In testimony
of which I have hereto set my hand and seal this the twelth day of
November in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
thirty five.  Signed sealed and acknowledged before 
Robert B. Dark		{		his
Thomas Porch		{	William    X    Beachamp
Levi M. Adams		{		mark
Georgia		      } Personally appointed in open Court
Meriwether County     } the Inferior court sitting for
Ordinary purposes Robert B. Dark, Thomas Porch, + Levi M. Adams who
being duly sworn depose and say that thy witnessed the above last
Will + Testiment of William Beachamp, now deceased + saw the same duly
execued as it purports in terms of the Law.
Sworn and subscribed	{
in open Court before us	{	Robert B. Dark
March 12th 1836		{	Thomas Porch
W. B. Ector J.J.C.	{	Levi M. Adams
James Render J.J.C.	{
Jacob B. Hogue J.J.C.	{
Levi M. Adams C.C.O.	{
Recorded 16th day of March 1836
		Levi M. Adams

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Edward Beauchamp
Рођење: 1682, Somerset County (Maryland), Thirteen Colonies, Contention
Смрт: <5 децембар 1750, Somerset County (Maryland), Thirteen Colonies
Fountain (Fontaine) Beauchamp
Рођење: 1727, Somerset County (Maryland), Thirteen Colonies
Смрт: <6 август 1782, Somerset County (Maryland), USA
== 3 ==
William Beauchamp
Рођење: ~ 1760, Somerset County (Maryland), Thirteen Colonies
Смрт: <12 март 1836, Meriwether County (Georgia), USA
== 3 ==
John W. Beauchamp
Рођење: ~ 1782, Maryland, USA
Смрт: > 1850, USA
Nathan Beauchamp
Рођење: ~ 1808, Georgia, USA
Смрт: ~ 1880, Sevier County (Arkansas), USA

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