Musá II ibn Musá (al-Qawasi) b. 775 d. 26 септембар 862

Из пројекта Родовид

Рођени род Banu Qasi
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Цело име (рођено) Musá II ibn Musá
Друга презимена al-Qawasi
Друга имена موسى بن موسى القسوي

Musa ibn Fortun de Zaragoza [Banu Qasi] b. < 740 d. 801

Onneca Tudela [Tudela]

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775 Рођење:

Рођење једног детета: Fortún ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]

Рођење једног детета: Mutarrif ibn Musa [Banu Qasi] d. 873

Рођење једног детета: Ismael ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]

Свадба: Ψ ещё 2 Жены [?]

Свадба: Assona Iñiguez [Íñiga] b. > 790

800 Рођење једног детета: w Lubb II ibn Musa [Banu Qasi] b. 800

810проц Рођење једног детета: Awriya ibn Musa [Banu Qasi] b. 810проц

26 септембар 862 Смрт:


Musa Ibn Musa lbn Qasaw, Walí de Tudela y Huesca y Zaragoza - по

Musa was the maternal half-brother of Inigo Arista

A History of Aragon and Catalonia - H. J. Chaytor Musa II, maintained his independence against both Franks and Arabs. Independence apart, the Beni-Kasim had no definite policy; they fought against the Count of Barcelona, against the Christians of Castile and the Arabs of Córdoba, and their alliances were as varied as their hostilities; they lent support to the renegades of Toledo, Muslim subjects of Visigothic origin, who forced the Emir of Córdoba to recognize their independence in 873, under payment of an annual tribute. Musa styled himself "the third King of Spain," and was respected or feared by all his neighbours: Charles the Bald was willing to send him presents. On his death in 862, the Emir of Córdoba overpowered this kingdom, but was soon driven out by the Beni-Kasim in alliance with Alfonso III of Leon, who had even entrusted them with the education of his son Ordoño.


  1. A History of Aragon and Catalonia - H. J. Chaytor -

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