Joseph Dawson b. 1820

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Рођени род Dawson
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Цело име (рођено) Joseph Dawson

Samuel Riley Dawson [Dawson] b. 1782 d. 1874

Polly Ann Rogers [Rogers] b. 1787 d. 1857



1820 Рођење: Missouri Territory

29 септембар 1851 Тестамент: Oxford (Mississippi), Lafayette County (Mississippi), Witnesses: William Giles and C.J. Sullivan


Joseph Dawson was the sixth child of this parents.

In the name of God Amen: I, Joseph Dawson of the County of Lafayette and state of Mississippi, being in a weakly state of health but of a sound mind and memory, therefore calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed to all men once to die, do make this my last will and testament.

That is to say principaly and first of all, I give my soul to God who gave it and my body I recomitt to the dust, to be buried in a decent manner as touching such worldly articles it hath pleased God to bless me with. First off: I will that all my just debts should be paid and all my debts receivable be collected. I also will that my lands to wit: The South West quarter of Section twenty six of Township ten of Range five West of the basic meridian, also my Dunnam place containing eighty six and a half acres, when my Executor sees best shall be sold.

I also will and bequeath to my beloved wife Martha G. Dawson during her widowhood or lifetime my home plantation with all my perishable property except enough to pay my just debts and at the expiration of her widowhood to be sold and equally distributed among the legatees and I also will that if my wife Martha and my Executor thing best to sell Julia and purchase a boy with the proceeds and I also will that my negro girl Harriet and Julia if she is not exchanged for a boy, and if she is the boy to be kept and remain in the family as the property of my wife Martha during her lifetime or widowhood and then to be sold and proceeds thereof equally distributed among the legatees as the other property.

I do hereby constitute and appoint Robert Wilson of the County and State aforesaid, my true and lawful Executor of this my last will and testament, in writing.

Whereof I have seat my hand and seal, this the 29th day of September, one thousand eight hundred and fifty one.


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Joseph Dawson
Рођење: 1820, Missouri Territory
Тестамент: 29 септембар 1851, Oxford (Mississippi), Lafayette County (Mississippi), Witnesses: William Giles and C.J. Sullivan
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