Fergus II (Fiachu) MacErcdach (More)

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Рођени род Longbeard
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Цело име (рођено) Fergus II (Fiachu) MacErcdach
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Друга имена Fergus Mor MacEarca, Mac Nisse Mór

Erc of Dalriada [of Dalriada]

Вики-страница wikipedia:Fergus Mór


Рођење једног детета: Domangart Reti MacErc [MacErc] d. 513

Место становања : Exoldunum, Gallia

Место становања : Saxonia Minorus, Transalpine Gaul

изм 480 и 501 Титуле : King of Dalriada

< 493 Рођење једног детета: Present at the Death of St Patrick, w Domangart MacFergus (Reiti) [Dalriada] b. < 493 d. 507

Смрт: Feargus Mor mac Earca cum gente Dal Riada partem Britaniae tenuit, et ibi mortuus est.


Шаблон:Controversial Шаблон:Needsources Fergus II Mor, an Irish/Scot is often confused with an earlier Fergus O'Neill leading to confusion in the historical timeline which results in his life being relegated to the realm of myth or legend. Cross referencing the Scottish and Irish records with those of the Roman legions it becomes apparent that the family of Fergus II was exiled from Western Britain (The region of Northern Wales/The Dalriada) by Maximius around the year 388.

According to George Buchanan, the sons of Eugenius (Eochaid) were was raised in exile in a place called Saxony. Many assume this to be a region in and around Denmark/Jutland, But there is an alternative location for Saxony in the region of the French Piedmont called by the Roman sources Saxonia Minorus. This second location was a great gathering point for expatriated Romano/Celts and disenfranchised Sarmatians whose ancestors had once lived in Wales as part of the forces of the Roman Victorix VII.

The military careers of Fergus and his brother Duncan are to be found in various continental histories where the forces of the Sicarrian Franks and Anglian Daci confronted the Celtic Gauls (aka Garlios). A dynastic marriage is mentioned between a co-heiress of Issadoun (Isoldun, aka Isis Xoldun) and the Celtic Duke without naming the Duke. What confuses the record is that the Issadoun was also mentioned as lying near the banks of the Théols (Thule) river. The name Thule is also used in reference to the area of Northern England (especially the Orkney/Shetlands) and is also used to reference Iceland and Scandinavia. This confusion has led to some key historical European events to be misplaced to the English Islands and Scandinavia and vice-versa, a mistake compounded when the descendants of these people actually migrated later to these areas, taking their place names with them.

According to Roman sources Fergus I served in the army of the Romano/Gaelic Arturus l'Riothamus de Britannia (Arthur Pendragon) sometime around the year 460 CE. The purpose was to subdue the Saxon/Jutish invasions in the East and push back the Pictish forces on the north. That there were no Roman invasions of Ireland and Dalriada indicates that the populations there were in support of the Romano/Gaelic rule of Arturus. According to Buchanan Fergus II was installed as the Mormaer of Moray in the region of Dalriada to serve as a bulwark against western and south western incursions of Pictish (Swyddic/Agathyrsian) Scots.

Fergus II is credited with having relocated the Stone of Scone from its previous place on Tara Hill, Ireland, to Scotland. And upon his death in 501 CE was succeeded by his son Dúngal.


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== 3 ==
Fergus II (Fiachu) MacErcdach (More)
Место становања : Exoldunum, Gallia
Место становања : Saxonia Minorus, Transalpine Gaul
Титуле : изм 480 и 501, King of Dalriada
Смрт: Feargus Mor mac Earca cum gente Dal Riada partem Britaniae tenuit, et ibi mortuus est.
== 3 ==
Domangart MacFergus (Reiti)
Рођење: < 493, Present at the Death of St Patrick
Смрт: 507
Iseult (Isoldun) ?
Рођење: ~ 480, Exoldunum (Issadoun), France
Gabrán mac Domangairt
Титуле : 558, Dalriadic Kingship

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