Eldred Workington

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Рођени род Workington
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Цело име (рођено) Eldred Workington


Рођење једног детета: Ketel Fitz Eldred [Kendal]

Титуле : Lord of Kendal

Свадба: Edgitha de Kendal [Kendal]


Шаблон:NeedsourcesEldred of Workington, lord of Kendal

Some sources suggest that Eldred was the same person as Aelfred, son of Ivo de Tailbois (below), others that he was Ivo's son-in-law having married his daughter Beatrix.

Research by Leonard Warner in the Leonard Warner papers housed at the Project DFA Archives indicate that Beatrix was married to Rudolf van Warenne who some confuse with as Eldred. While Editha was the daughter of Ivo Tallebois making Eldred his son in law rather than his biological son. These findings have the advantage of resolving what has proven to be a centuries long confusion regarding this lineage by showing that all theories are in part correct.

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