Meurig Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau)

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Рођени род Nannau
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Цело име (рођено) Meurig Fychan ap Ynyr
Друга презимена Nannau

Ynyr Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau) [Nannau] b. 1270 d. 1304

Gwenhwyfar Verch Gruffudd [Penrose] b. 1270



Рођење једног детета: Meurig Llwyd ap Meurig (Nannau) [Nannau]

Титуле : Lord Nannau

Место становања : Nannau, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales

Сахрана: Dolgelly Church


  1. (Distionary of Welsh Biography) - NANNEY ( NANNAU ) family, of Nannau, Mer. Nannau , which is in Llanfachreth parish, Mer. , stands 700 feet above the level of the sea, and has been for centuries the home of one of the most powerful families in the county. The ‘sprouting root,’ according to the bards, was Ynyr Hen , who flourished 1200-50 ; his son, Ynyr Fychan , took the credit of helping to capture the rebel Madog ap Llywelyn (q.v.) in 1295 and of handing him over to the victors; his son Meurig Fychan has a sepulchral effigy in Dolgelley church, with a lion carved on his shield, but it is open to grave doubt whether he was one of the garrison of Bere castle soon after the death of Llywelyn the Last.
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  6. - Meurig, son of the above, was 5th Lord of Nannau and married Angharad, daughter of Gruffydd ap Owain ap Bleddyn ap Owain Brogyntyn. The second border note applies here and reads "His tomb on which is the following inscription is still to be seen in Dolgelly Church - 'Hic jacet in eurig Filius Ynyr Fychan'". An interpretation of this was sought by consulting a dictionary of Ancient English Use of Latin and the following discovered. HIC - Here in this place. JACET was not found but JACEN means - in abeyance. IN - in, final, entered, down in the earth. EURIG not found but EURUS - strong, mighty (usually as the wind). FILIUS - son of. So my interpretation would be 'Here in this place in the earth in abeyance is the mighty son of Ynyr Fychan'.

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Ynyr Arglwydd ap Meurig (Nannau)
Рођење: 1230, Llanfachreth, Wales, Nannau
Gwerful vch Madog (Rhos)
Рођење: 1230, Rhos cantref, Denbigh, Wales
Ynyr Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau)
Рођење: 1270, Nannau, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales
Смрт: 1304
Gwenhwyfar Verch Gruffudd
Рођење: 1270, Montgomery (Powys), Penrhos, Penegoes
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Meurig Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau)
Титуле : Lord Nannau
Место становања : Nannau, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales
Сахрана: Dolgelly Church
== 3 ==
Meurig Llwyd ap Meurig (Nannau)
Рођење: Merioneth Wales

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