Helge Audasson (Hundingsbane)

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Рођени род Колец
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Цело име (рођено) Helge Audasson
Друга презимена Hundingsbane


Рођење: Ringstad, Ostergotland

Свадба: Sigrun Hognesdotter [Valenti]


In Gesta Danorum, which was written to glorify the past of the Danish nation, Helgi Saxo appears to have mixed Helgi Hundingbane with the Danish king Halga, as he claims that Helgi killed a Swedish king named Hunding. Hothbrodd was made a Swedish king and given Ohthere's position in the line. Because of this the Danish scholar Bugge tried, in 1896, to connect him to the Skjöldung Helgi.

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