Phaetus Atholdus ? (Phaeti) b. 970

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Цело име (рођено) Phaetus Atholdus ?
Друга презимена Phaeti

Lachlann Gyriddsson (Atholl) [Gothushegg] b. 955


970 Рођење: Faroe Islands

Рођење једног детета: Hebrida ? (Atholl, Ealhindi, Phaeti) [?]

Место становања : Romania

998 Рођење једног детета: Romania, Moldoviana ? (Atholl, Aelhindi, Phaeti) [?] b. 998


Шаблон:Needsources Шаблон:Controversial Phaetus is also the name of a Cretian CityШаблон:Ref!. The name Phaeti Athol in Greek means the "Sunlit Islands". It is possibleШаблон:Ref! that the name Phaetus is also a Latinization of the name Faeroe.

According to the myths of the IrishШаблон:Ref!, the seafaring tradesmen of the Tuatha Danan migrated westward from the Island of Crete at the time it was innundated by the psunami formed by the volcanic eruption on the Island of Santorini.

In the Greek myths Phaetus was the son of HeliosШаблон:Ref!, to prove to the doubting masses he talked his father into allowing him to drive his sun chariot. But persued by the hounds he lost control as he drove low over Africa and plunged into the sea of [Eridanos]. Although presented in an allegorical format. This myth preserves the memory of the migration of certain Gaelic/Celtic people westward along the North Africa coast to the Atlantic Isles and that the Eridanos is a reference to the Atlantic near the island of Eire that was settled by the Danos, and that the Phaeti were a seafaring people.

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Gareth (Get) he Red de Atholl (of Corcu Modruad)
Титуле : 907, King of Corcu Modruad
Thorbera Sandys
Рођење: Isle of Man
Lachlann Gyriddsson (Atholl)
Рођење: 955, Faroe Islands
== 3 ==
Рођење: 951, Атолл, Пертшир, Шотландия
Смрт: 1045, Дункельд, Пертшир, Шотландия
Смрт: 1003
Phaetus Atholdus ? (Phaeti)
Рођење: 970, Faroe Islands
Место становања : Romania
== 3 ==
Moldoviana ? (Atholl, Aelhindi, Phaeti)
Рођење: 998, Romania

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