Milo Augusta Purdy b. 1 новембар 1892

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Рођени род Purdy
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Цело име (рођено) Milo Augusta Purdy


1 новембар 1892 Рођење: WI, USA

Свадба: Louisa Vroman [Vroman] b. 1 април 1892


1925 Milo and family cutting wood
1925 Milo and family cutting wood

Milo Augustus Purdy, a lifetime resident of Monroe County was one of five children of John James and Mary Elizabeth (Oakley) Purdy.

Milo Purdy was born on the family farm in Greenfield Township. During his younger years he enjoyed being a practical joker. He often related the story of one Halloween when he and some friends decided to disassemble a neighbor's wagon and reassemble it on his shed roof. After carefully completing this difficult feat, all of the helpers moved into the light only to discover that the owner had been helping them all along. That time, the joke was on him.

In 1912, Milo married Louisa Vroman, daughter of William and Estella (Lamb) Vroman. This marriage was blessed with two daughters, Lefa Birkholz and Dorothy Elizabeth Bernhardt.

Milo and his young family moved to their own farm in 1917. It was just north of Highway 21 on the road to where the Hiawatha Golf Course is now located. There they remained for twenty years.

In 1937, Milo and Louise moved to Tomah and resided first in the 1800-block of S. Superior Ave. (East side, second house from left - from Dorothy Bernhardt 8/8/1982), and then in 1941 bought house at 247 North Superior next to Larkin's Trailer Court and resided there the rest of their lives. During this time, Milo had a milk route. He later went to work at the Creamery where he remained until his retirement in 1957.

After his retirement, one of his favorite part-time jobs was that of School Crossing Guard at Superior Avenue by Ninneman's Funeral Home. He loved the little children he helped across the street. He continued this job until poor health forced him to quit.

His favorite hobby was reading and he loved Western novels. He once remarked that the Tomah Library was too small. When he realized he was often re-reading the same books over again, he began to make a small mark in the back of the book so he could quickly determine if he had read the book.

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Louisa Vroman
Рођење: 1 април 1892, USA
Свадба: Milo Augusta Purdy
Milo Augusta Purdy
Рођење: 1 новембар 1892, WI, USA
Свадба: Louisa Vroman
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