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11/1 <?+?> Thomas Moustain (Mustain) [Mustain]
Рођење: ~ 1650
Досељавање: 1674, From France to Maryland

Шаблон:Controversial 1679 - Thomas MUSTAIN & Ann {Wife} take one hundred acres of land in "finishing their service in this province". - Maryland Deed Records., Served 4 years a shipping clerk

Although it is certain that Thomas was related to John Mustain, the age of John's wife makes it difficult (but not impossible) to reconcile chronologically, unless Thomas was the projeny of a first marriage.

Another scenario is that Thomas is cousin's son to John, being the grandson of either John's uncle Jasper, Thomas, or Maximilien. Maximilien is unlikely since non of the descendants of Thomas carried the name Maximilien forward. However the names Thomas, John, and Jesse/Jasper, appear with regular frequency. That Thomas is decended from the branch of Muston-Churchill that was located in France is made more likely by the fact that Thomas and his wife Ann set sail to Maryland from the Port of Calais, rather than the more conveniently located Cinque Ports.


21/2 <1+?> Thomas Muscheon (Muston) [Mustain]
Рођење: > 1673, Maryland?
Место становања : Charles City, Henrico, Virginia
32/2 <1> Gerrard Mustin [Mustain]
Рођење: 1675, Maryland
Смрт: King George (Virginia)
43/2 <1> Ann Mustin [Mustain]


51/3 <2+?> Jesse Ferdinand Muscheon (Mustain) [Mustain]
Рођење: Virginia
82/3 <2+?> Thomas Muscheon (Moustain) [Mustain]
Рођење: 1683, Isle of Wight, Virginia
Свадба: <1> Sarah Ann Jones [Jones] b. < 1705 d. 1750
Смрт: 1748, Isle of Wight, Virginia
63/3 <2> Sarah Lydia Muscheon [Mustain]
Рођење: 18 јул 1695
Свадба: <2> Thomas Barksdale [Barksdale]
74/3 <2> Mary Legare (Muscheon) [Mustain]
Рођење: 1697, Henrico (Virginia)
Свадба: <3> Timothy Belleme [Bellamy]


131/4 <7+3> John Bellamy [Bellamy]
Рођење: 1710, Henrico (Virginia)
92/4 <8+1> Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain) [Mustain]
Рођење: 1713, Halifax (North Carolina)
Крштење: 1713, Trinity Parish, NY
Место становања : 1740, Saint Thomas (Barbados)
Смрт: 21 новембар 1791, Charles City, Henrico, VA
103/4 <8+1> Hannah Muscheon [Mustain] 114/4 <8+1> Lydia Muscheon [Mustain] 125/4 <8+1> Sarah Muscheon [Mustain]


141/5 <9+?> Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (The Musteen) [Mustaine]
Рођење: 1730, Henrico (Virginia)
Смрт: 21 новембар 1791, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
152/5 <9+?> Jesse Muscheon (The Musteen) [Mustain]
Рођење: 1735, Virginia
Смрт: 16 јул 1794, Gretna (Virginia), United States
163/5 <9+?> Sarah Sally Mustain [Mustain]
Рођење: 1741
174/5 <9+?> Rebecca Mustain [Mustain]
Рођење: 1752, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Рођење: 1791
Свадба: <8> William Gosney [Gosney] b. 1750
185/5 <9+?> Molly Mustain [Mustain]
Рођење: 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Рођење: 1791
Свадба: <9> Littleberry Patterson [Patterson] b. 1729


211/6 <14+?> Mary Anne Mustain [Mustaine]
Рођење: 1745, Brunswick County (Virginia)
Свадба: <10> William Buckner [Buckner] b. 1738 d. април 1822
Смрт: 1817, Green County (Kentucky), United States
232/6 <14> Millicent Mustain [Mustaine]
Рођење: 1750, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), United States
Свадба: <11> Jesse Keesee [Keesee]
Свадба: <12> Jesse Keesee [Keesee] b. 1750 d. 1829
223/6 <15+?> Thomas Mustain (Thoomas Mostuun/Mastin) [Mustain]
Рођење: ~ 1754, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), The Heir of Thomas Mustain (Pittsylvania)
Професија : Longhunter
194/6 <14+?> Avery Solomon Mustain [Mustaine]
Рођење: 26 фебруар 1756, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
Свадба: <13> Mary Barber Shelton [Shelton] b. 29 децембар 1765 d. 1843
Други догађај: Danville, Revolutionary Soldier
Смрт: 31 август 1833, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
Сахрана: Near Danville, Danville Register
Шаблон:Place name error


Military Records

MUSTAIN, Avery.* b. 26 Feb.1756. Soldier. Volunteered 1776 under Capt. Thomas Dillard. Marched to Gwinn's Island and assisted in driving off Lord Dunmore; Co on Cherokee Expedition, 1776. Returned before Christmas 1776. Drafted 1780 under Capt. Isaac Clement to go south; fought in Battle of Camden where Americans were defeated. 1781 volunteered under Capt. Gabriel Shelton who got sick. Under Lt. James Maid, to N.C. to harass Tories, but not in the Battle of Guilford. Aug. 1718 drafted to go to Siege of York. Present at surrender of Cornwallis. Detached to guard prisoners to Noland's Ferry.
205/6 <14+?> Tabitha Mustain [Mustaine]
Рођење: 1758, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Свадба: <14> James ? Bruce [Bruce]
Смрт: 1820


261/7 <22+?> Saludy Mustain [Mustain]
Рођење: 1772, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
Свадба: <15> Claibourne (Claiborn) Sheldon [Sheldon] b. 1770 d. 1848
252/7 <22+?> Thomas Mustain [Mustain]
Рођење: 1778, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
Смрт: 29 октобар 1814, Charles City (Virginia), USA
273/7 <21+10> Keziah Buckner [Buckner]
Рођење: 1783, Tennessee
244/7 <22+?> Haley (Elie) Mustaine [Mustain]
Рођење: 6 мај 1787, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Свадба: <16> Elizabeth Butcher [Butcher] b. 15 март 1791 d. 26 јун 1866
Место становања : 1791, Charles City, Henrico, VA
Место становања : изм 1820 и 1830, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Смрт: 12 фебруар 1868, Marion (Ohio), USA

It is believed that Haley was the son of Thomas Mustain/Mastin the Longhunter. It is well documented that among the family of Mustains were were living a fair number of Native Americans, local opposition to their presence led to the rejection of the property of Thomas Mustain being selected as the building site of the local Church. The native children to which the locals objected were the adopted orphan children of Chief Cornstalk. Haley's mother was the metis sister of Chief Cornstalk. Haley and his siblings as well as his adopted brothers and sisters joined the Mustain family in Pittsylvania Virginia (on the stinking river) but later relocated to West Virginia/Ohio.

Thomas Mustain the Longhunter regularly traveled with the French and Allegheni up and down the Ohio River Valley from Canada and along the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina in Salteaux territory. No record of the birth of Haley and his siblings can be found leading us to believe that he was not born in Pittsylvania however census records of Pittsylvania show residency in the area of Pittsylvania for at least a number of years prior to his move to Ohio. in 1791, Haley's father Thomas was named as the inheritor of the the given names of the descendants of Haley differ enough from those of Avery Solomon's descendants to suggest an alternative cadency. The name Scott appears as a given name among the descendants of Thomas the Longhunger, whereas that name is absent from the descendants of Avery Solomon. Additionally, the family of Thomas and Haley Mustaine was early into the Ohio area with records indicating presence prior to the arrival of subsequent Mustain families. This can be explained by the fact that as a Longhunter Thomas already had property in Ohio prior to the general westward expansion. It also explains why Haley would be described by his grandson Wilson as a Francophone/Frenchman.


351/8 <26+15> Jesse Shelton [Shelton]
Рођење: 9 април 1797, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
292/8 <25> Thomas Edward Mustain [Mustain]
Рођење: 29 децембар 1798
Свадба: <17> Mary Hardy [Hardy] b. мај 1809
Смрт: 1870, Benton (Arkansas)
283/8 <24+16> Meakin Ashley Mustaine [Mustaine]
Рођење: 12 јануар 1820, Shenandoah (Virginia), USA
Свадба: <18> Mary Elizabeth Keech [Keech] b. 25 јун 1825 d. 3 април 1874
Смрт: 11 септембар 1899, Champaign County (Ohio), USA
304/8 <24+16> Edward (Elleward) Mustaine [Mustaine]
315/8 <24+16> James C. Mustaine [Mustaine]
326/8 <24+16> Shadrach Mustaine [Mustaine]
337/8 <24+16> Calvin Bailey Mustaine [Mustaine]
348/8 <26+15> Henley Shelton [Shelton]